Latrice Williams

In August of 2016, just when I was going to start my music career I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I didn’t understand the timing or reasoning but the music that God gave me is the best distraction to deal with the cancer and uncomfortable treatments.

This has been such a difficult journey, but with the love and support from all over the place, literally, I have been able to get through it. I do wake with something to smile about every day despite the pain and the heat flowing through my body!

I’ve met so many wonderful people and I am told that I am an inspiration as well. That’s amazing and pretty awesome and helps me to keep fighting. Hopefully I will end this journey with healthy breasts, body, mind, soul, new song and a new found spirit to live life to the fullest like never before.

I found the most support from Facebook and different organizations like American Cancer Society and Meals for Health. Everywhere I go, I find more people that show me love.

The advice I would give is to sit down and decide to fight. Make a list of things that you’ve been told, find friends and incorporate them into your life. You have to have your schedule how you want it! Find resources whatever way you can to make yourself better; you can’t do it all at once.

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