Kristen’s Story

I was diagnosed on April 29, 2016 at the age of 32 while I was 25 weeks pregnant with our 4th daughter. I am finally finished with treatments as of August 2017! I have really learned to live life and not be scared of things. To really enjoy the little things, embrace your children, love others because you never know when you will get the “call”.

My family and friends are so supportive, I really could not have made it through the surgeries, pregnancy and treatments without their support. My children though have brought me the most joy during this time. I first heard about BCCA through Facebook, they actually ended up sending me a Feeling Beautiful Again bag that really brought my spirits up. 

My advice for others would be to have faith, reach out and ask for help in order to tackle breast cancer head on! I was not a statistic, I was not supposed to get cancer. I wasn’t of usual age, I had no family history and overall, I was pregnant. When I was diagnosed it came as a huge awakening to me that each day is a precious gift.

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