I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in December of 2017. I had gone in a week before for my second mammogram and that is when the lump on my left breast was found.

I am still currently undergoing treatments. I think the hardest part of being diagnosed with breast cancer is not knowing. I feared not knowing what would happen next. Not knowing how my body would react to the treatments, or what side effects I would have was extremely frightening.

Then I was shocked to find out that I tested positive for the BRACA 2 gene and now I am currently waiting for my daughters to be tested as well. Knowing that I might have possibly passed this gene on to my daughter I think was more frightening than anything.

After my diagnosis, I started to implement some lifestyle changes. I started to become more positive rather than being negative because through this journey you have to have a positive attitude and not let cancer take a hold of you. Although I have ended up in the hospital twice due to my treatments, I have stayed positive. I have found the most support in my family and co-workers. They have prayed for me and I also feel as though God is looking over me!

Some advice I would give to other breast cancer patients would be to enjoy your life and the small things. Small victories are better than none and the fact that you can get out of bed in the morning means you’ve already won. Live in the moment, not the day or the month. Just keep swimming and realize there is light at the end of the journey.

Although I am still receiving chemotherapy treatments now with 10 more to go, I am excited to go for surgery again and receive new boobs. The positivity and support I have received from everyone will always be cherished.

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