Joan’s Story

I am a single mom with 5 adopted children. I have worked hard my whole life to provide for my family. This breast cancer thing has kicked my butt! I lost my job so my income has been cut. I have found my most support from my family. They’ve been pretty great. My 13 year old has made me laugh this whole time. The day I started to lose my hair I was very upset and walked into the kitchen to find him sitting there eating a sandwich. He’s a 13 year old boy and food is everything for him. I’m totally freaked out about my hair falling out and when I told him what was going on I saw him very slowly start to protect his sandwich and I was like “DUDE it’s not going to get in your sandwich” and we laughed for about 15 minutes.

For newly diagnosed women, my advice to you is to ask a zillion questions and to not worry yourself – you just have to do it. You can get through this. Make sure you advocate yourself. ASK QUESTIONS IF YOUR BODY IS DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT. No one knows your body like you do. Having 5 children my diagnosis has obviously taken a toll on them emotionally as well. My advice to you about your family is to keep them away from the Internet. My son was so worried after Googling the worst case scenarios that I was going to die while he was at school. So, one day I took him to treatment with me to help him understand. After seeing this, he was able to understand better that it wasn’t so bad and it was helping me get better.

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