“While my breast cancer is incurable, it does NOT mean I will die tomorrow. This is what gives my HOPE!”

I was originally diagnosed in October of 2016 with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. After having my mastectomy and starting the reconstruction process, I unfortunately got an infection that caused me to start completely over. I went through radiation, had a second mastectomy in December of 2018 and then finally reconstruction in March of 2019. But in April, I received a new diagnosis, I now had Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

I was so worried that my kids would be growing up without a mother. I lost my mom to melanoma at the age of 15. My son is also 15 years old, so it was like looking into a mirror. I know that everyone eventually will leave this world, and this was just the way that I would do so too. But not yet! I get to plan and make more of each day that comes my way!

My best friend who was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer has brought me so much joy and support during this time in my life. I don’t know what I would do without her by my side. I’m still working every day to stay positive and ward of negativity and frustration, as I feel like I’m still in the initial “roller coaster” phase. While my Breast Cancer is incurable, it does NOT mean that I will die tomorrow. This is what gives me hope! I want to be the survivor that went 15 years past my initial diagnosis. I want to see my children grow, get married, and even have kids. This is my goal, and this is what keeps me going and motivated!


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