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When I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Right-side breast cancer, I received the sad news on March 4, 2016. That was a rough day, the first person I told was my husband who was also devastated. On that day, I decided I did not want to wallow in misery but to stay outdoors and do something fun. So, we attended an outdoor activity to keep our minds occupied. Am so glad I did that! On my mind was also the question “how did I let this happen?” I was a Registered Nurse for 30 years and my job was to make sure my patients knew the importance of regular checkups. Here I am not following my own instructions. What kind of an example am I?

Someday I would like to be able to talk to all women especially healthcare providers about the importance of taking care of yourself first and foremost. Today I am no longer working as a registered nurse but still helping people by finding their dream homes as a Realtor. I have 2 grown daughters, one is an Airman in the US Airforce. I am proud of both of my daughters and hope I can help them understand the importance of regular health checkups. I am also the proud parents of several furbabies: 2 small dogs and one aloof cat. My dogs have been my best bed buddies after all my cancer procedures. The most difficult time of my entire life was going through Chemotherapy. The physical discomforts and depression were more overwhelming than the loss of hair. I only left the house when I had a doctor appointment and could not talk to family over the telephone without crying. I could not have done this without the support of my husband, daughter, and my dogs. Most of my close family and friends live on the West Coast, so I did not have a nearby familiar support group.

Today, though, I am surprised that I can talk about my cancer without too much difficulty. I also try to be thankful that I have been given a second chance. Even though the worse time of my life was just last year, it seems like eons ago as if it never happened. Once and awhile I think I should plan a bucket list but what I would really like to do is help other women who are newly diagnosed realize there are resources and non-profit organizations that they can turn to and apply for financial aid like The Breast Cancer Charities of America.

There are a million things going through a woman’s mind when she is first diagnosed. Financial assistance may not be one of them but it will be sooner or later. I would like to be an Advocate for women or anyone facing the challenges of all types of Cancer. If I could help even one person by assisting in filling out a financial assistance application form, I would be on my way to reaching one of my Goals.

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