What’s In Your Bag?

Louis Vuitton Neverfull


I’m really nosy. Like ridiculously, not okay, find out everything nosy. I don’t think anyone has ever surprised me in my entire life because I’m pretty much a CIA agent when I need to know something (that and my best friend is a horrible liar). Part of being nosy is snooping, obviously, so whenever I see a “what’s in my bag” or “home tour” blog post, I go bananas. YES I want to see your master bedroom. YES I want to know what you keep in your bag at all times. #insane

I thought I’d do my own little “what’s in my bag,” but as I was doing it I realized…wow I’m actually kind of boring? In my bag is a lot of receipts and a lot of snacks, but for all my fellow snoopers out there, here ya go.


In my bag


The Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM

I work in non-profit, so I am balling on a budget here. This was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend, a literal saint, who knew I’d been lusting over this bag for years. I screamed when I opened it! I have the huge GM size for carrying my laptop around. I also travel pretty much bi-weekly either for work or to visit said boyfriend in San Francisco, so it’s great to carry on a plane! I store allllll the snacks in this gem.

The Essentials: Wallet, Sunnies, Phone & More

The LV Neverfull also comes with a cute little detachable insert that you can use as a wallet or even a clutch. I store my passport, cash and credit cards, business cards in this cute Kate Spade card holder, headphones, and gum in here. It’s great if I’m running somewhere and don’t want to take my whole bag. I always carry my sunglasses (that I stole literally off Ryan’s face…again, he’s a saint), and not pictured are my real glasses and an extra contact case. I’m pretty much blind, so if I have a contact mishap, I’m done for without my glasses.

Extras: Makeup Bag 

In my makeup bag, I have no makeup haha, but I do keep little perfumes, lip gloss, lotion, a mini contact solution, Excedrin because I’m the queen of migraines, a Tide to go pen, and hair ties. Type A girls…we’re always prepared. 


See how boring that was? While I was taking everything out, a colleague asked why I had my passport on me… I lost my license for MONTHS and had to jump through a million hoops to get my new one (it kept getting sent the wrong places), and so I had to carry my passport everywhere with me. Now it’s just a habit, and even though I have a new license, I carry it around.

 So what’s in your bag? Please share. I told you, I’m nosy.

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