Importance of Taking Care of Your Body Post-Workout…

Everyone knows that it is crucial to stay active in order to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. However, something that many people do not realize is how important it is to practice post- workout cool downs. This is critical for an ample amount of reasons. Don’t be afraid to give some of the techniques below a try, you never know what could really work for you!

Deep Breaths

Never underestimate how far a few moments of deep breathing can take you. It is going to calm you down significantly after an intense workout session. It is also going to help put your body into a state of lowered heart rate and improved blood circulation. This is important for your body to start repairing itself after your workout. We recommend focusing on deep breathing for 3-5 minutes


Stretching after a workout is a terrific way to slow you heart down post- workout. It is going to relax you while keeping the muscles you used healthy. Depending on what type of training you practiced, your muscles might need to recover with static stretching. This type of stretching is performed by holding a stretch for 10-30 seconds. You want to make sure you feel a comfortable stretch without pain. 


Cool Down Movements

Depending on how intense of a workout you had, it may be harsh to go from full force to stagnant. A great way to take care of your body post- workout is by utilizing movements that will cool you down. There are so many possibilities of how to do this. Some of my favorite are swimming, yoga poses, walking or lunges. While these movements will keep your heart pumping, they will slowly decrease your heart rate from the high state it was once at.


When we workout it is no secret that we sweat. Like a lot. All the sweat that you lost needs to be replenished in fluids. Rehydration is key in ensuring that your body stays fully hydrated and healthy after an intense workout. Water is always best to drink considering some post- workout drinks can be full of artificial sugars. A trick to see how much water weight you lose during a workout is to weigh yourself before and after activity. The decrease in weight is due to the amount of sweat that you expended during your training session.


As simple as it sounds, relaxing is a great way to cool your body off after a workout. This can mean taking a nap after your workout as your body will be able to go into a state of sustained breathing and recovery. Another way to relax can be to get into a steamy sauna. This may sound confusing. You sweat and get hot during a workout so to cool down you get into a sauna? Yes, it is extremely beneficial as well as relaxing! The heat will target your blood vessels and expand them, thus improving blood flow to your heart. Many gyms come equipped with saunas but if you do not have a membership don’t fret! An alternative can be to sit in your bathroom with the shower running on hot to create steam, just like a sauna!

Refuel with Nutrients

Foods that you should be consuming post workout are ones that digest easily and are nutrient dense. Carbohydrates, fats and protein are some of the best examples of these. A post- workout snack that contains these nutrients is going to replenish your energy supply. Below are some great snacks that we love and want you to try!

·       Tuna and crackers

·       Rice crackers with avocado

·       Greek yogurt and fresh fruit

·       Apple slices with peanut butter

·       Hummus and pita bread