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Erica – What I’m most thankful for this year is my sweet family…just a year ago we welcomed our daughter into this world and 2017 has truly been the best year ever being parents to this amazing angel.  We feel so blessed to have her in our lives and she makes our world a better place.  Her health, happiness, joy, and laughter bring new meaning to the world.  Never could anyone have explained the happiness that a child brings and now I get it…and for that, I’m eternally grateful and blessed.

Alix – 2017 has brought me so much insight into this world. I am beyond thankful for my wonderful blessing of a husband who has been my rock this first year of marriage. We have experienced so much adulting this year; he has been my constant support and clarity through it all. Thank you for being you, my love! Also, super thankful for chips & salsa, a solid pair of workout leggings and 60-degree weather in Texas (whenever it may come). 

 Allie – I’m thankful for my sweet baby who is growing into such a character of her own, she does some of the funniest things and it really is something unexplainable to be able to witness. For the man who stands by me, even with my addiction to Starbucks and Grey’s anatomy, and who is always there to console me when I’m uncontrollably crying because of animal videos on the internet. For my closest friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin over the years whether we are 10 minutes down the road from each other or thousands of miles apart. Lastly, my beautiful family, who has always supported, accepted and loved me just as I am. I live a life full of blessings and I am beyond grateful!

Hannah – Looking back on this past year, I can name so many things I am thankful for. But this year I am the most thankful for my amazing fiancé. Not only did we purchase our first house together, but we are getting ready for our wedding coming in January. This stage of life has been so surreal and I am definitely soaking up every ounce of it. He pushes me every day to be the best I can be and never settle for less.  If it wasn’t for him I don’t know where I would be in life.

Steph – First and foremost, I give thanks to God, because without him, I would be nothing. I am more than thankful for my husband who puts up with me, trust me, it’s not an easy task!  He came into my life in a season of trials and has turned it upside down in the most amazing way. I am extremely thankful for my 7 kids who rock my world in every possible way. There is nothing like the love of your children! I am so very thankful for my loving family, who has stuck by through the ups and downs, who love unconditionally and who are always very present in a time of need. Lastly, I am very thankful for my church family who has accepted me as the person I am and who have taught me so much.

Cheyenne – It is sad to say, but I am that person who forgets to stop and recognize everything I have to be thankful for.  With Thanksgiving around the corner, I would say that it is necessary for everyone to stop and take the time to reflect. For me, I am happy to say I have a never-ending list of AMAZING things to be thankful for this year.  My family has lost everything to Harvey; it’s been amazing to see how our other family and friends have been such a support system.  Whether it’s offering a place to say, help with the house or some kind words, it’s truly been a blessing to have such a support system. Plus, I became an aunt again this past October to my nephew, Rowan, and just found out I will be one again to a girl in February. I started my first internship (which I am loving) and recently got promoted in my current job.  To top it all off, I am returning from Chicago, a city I’ve been dying to see since I was a little girl. By looking at how much I have to be thankful for, I will now make it a point to be one of those people who give thanks for what they have.  Not only is it a reminder to never take things for granted, but it’s comforting to see just how much you have when you feel like there is nothing!

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