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FREE Download Resources

Here at The Breast Cancer Charities of America, we believe all individuals should have access to free health educate in order to be proactive when it comes to their health. With our free education materials, we strive to educate women nationwide to act on proper breast cancer prevention. Our free resources are the perfect tools to hand out to patients, students, or your best friend.

Create Wellness Guide

Whether you are a breast cancer patient, or a supporting loved one, we’re here to provide answers to your questions and help you learn practices to create well-being. This booklet will give you tips and tricks for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Understanding Breast Cancer

Early breast cancer usually doesn’t show signs or symptoms. But as the cancer grows, it can change how the breast looks or feels. You can maximize your potential for actually preventing breast cancer!


Healthy Living Guide

Living an unhealthy lifestyle is one of the biggest risk factors in increasing your risk of developing breast cancer. Download our Healthy Living Guide for daily suggestions on how you can improve your lifestyle habits to help reduce your risk of breast cancer.


Breast Test Self-Exam Guide

Performing monthly breast self-exams allows you to get familiar with how your breasts look and feel. Being aware of your breast normality can help you detect breast cancer signs/symptoms in its earliest stages.


Meal Planner Downloadable Guide

Whether you are going to various doctor appointments, a stay-at-home mom, or a college student. Planning your weekly meals can often be the last thing on your mind. Ensure you set yourself up for success when it comes to eating healthy by planning out your meals.


Understanding Male Breast Cancer

Although male breast cancer is extremely rare, it does happen. Know the risk factors of male breast cancer and be aware.


Vitamin D & Breast Cancer

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to various cancers. Learn about why Vitamin D is so important and how you can ensure you’re getting adequate levels of Vitamin D.


Exercise Tips + Tricks

Finding the energy and motivation can make exercising a pain. However, exercising just 30 minutes a day can help you reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. Try these easy tips & tricks to keep you motivated.


Healthy Grocery Shopping List

Eating a whole and nutritious diet is one of the best defenses against any illness, including breast cancer. Take our Healthy Grocery Shopping List with you to the store to ensure you grab healthy options to stock your pantry with!