Tis the Season to be merry & bright…family get togethers, work parties, ‘Friends-givings’ and basically an excuse to eat at near any hour of the day (as you SURELY wouldn’t want to insult Miss. Susie who brought in her grandmother’s cookie recipe to work!)  But with all the sweets and treats, many of us tend to put-off, and have a massive lack of motivation, when it comes to fitness and working out during the holidays. 

So how do you keep yourself motivated in between parties and festivities?  Use our “Holiday Fitness Guide” to help keep you and your family full of holiday cheer and fit as we go into the new year! 


1. Christmas Light Spectacular Stroll

We all have ‘those’ neighborhoods.  The ones where they go OVER THE TOP with Christmas décor.  So whip out the coats and gloves and take the family on a walk down the streets of these neighborhoods.  Try searching online for top local lights and drive there, park your car and get out and walk. 



2. Lace Up

Who doesn’t love a nostalgic whirl on a set of ice skates?  Think that it’s just “fun and games” well try continually skating at a local rink…say you’ll do 20 laps, then 30 laps around the rink.  You’ll be amazed the next morning how much your legs will feel it, but you got to let the inner kid come out to play!

3. Family Talk

It may not be a specific exercise but make your exercise time a time to catch up with your loved ones.  Especially during the holiday season.  Whether it’s getting together and working out together or going for a walk, or it’s using the time to call Grandma in Idaho, make those family catch up phone calls while you’re out for a walk.  Keep moving! 



4. Dashing Through the Snow

For those of you lucky enough to have white stuff on the ground (I mean that, I lived in snow for a part of my life and every winter I miss it in Texas) grab your gear and head to the hills.  There is NO BETTER workout (in my opinion) that sledding.  The amount of work it is hiking up the hills to get back to the top.  You’ll be winded and working out all in one!

5. Sign up for a Jingle Run

In our community these runs are EVERYWHERE. Reindeer Runs, Jingle Bell Runs, etc.  What better way to spend a morning with the family than dressed up as Santa, Elves, Ugly Christmas Sweaters and more!  ( is a great resource for races in your area!)

6. Dress the Part

When making your list, why not use the holidays as a great time to ask for near fitness gear.  This fitness tip will help you look forward to wearing your new gear after the holidays and as you ring in the new year with new health goals!