Staying home and practicing social distancing for weeks on end due to COVID-19 hasn’t been an easy task for many of us. In a world where we are always so connected with one another, this time at home has reminded many of us just how important our connections are in our life. But being home has made it hard to continue to stay connected. So how can you stay connected with others while staying home and following the CDC guidelines? Here are a few ways we’ve stayed in touch with one another to help us not feel so alone.



There are so many social media platforms that are allowing many of us to stay connected with one another. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, these platforms have given us the ability to see into the lives of our friends and family and make us feel like we haven’t missed a beat when it comes to catching up with our loved ones. You can even use these platforms to follow along with some of your favorite TV shows and influencers!

Video Meetings

One thing that has been highlighted heavily after the stay-at-home orders has been video meetings such as Zoom. While Zoom was used typically for work meetings, now we are seeing entire families using the app to check in with their loved ones. Group FaceTime has also become popular to host video meetings with friends and loved ones. Whether you are just checking in with your group, or hosting a virtual happy hour. These video meetings can bring some sense of normalcy to our lives again.


Virtual Game or Movie Nights

Many of us have chosen to get creative during this time at home and that includes hosting a virtual game night or movie night. But how you might wonder? Well there are actually apps and website that allow you to host a Netflix watching party for free, or even video chat with your friends while you virtually play games together. These are fun and easy things that you can make a weekly date and have something to look forward to.