Fitting in a workout during the holiday season can be a struggle for many…myself included.  There are so many things going on, from parties to luncheons, after hour events and school festivities that working out is one of those ‘easy’ things to say, “I’ll just skip it today”.  (Been there, done that!)  But, as an avid fan of getting in my ‘steps’ (recommended amount for peak fitness) I try to get creative and make my daily holiday doings accomplish my step goals!  So how do I get roughly 10,000 steps a day without going to the gym or setting a specific workout time?  Read on for my easy tips to getting your steps in without the gym.

1. Make the Hike

This time of year you’re probably running errands from the mall to the grocery store…one of the most frustrating things with holiday crowds can be parking.  Try this tip: choose the furthest parking spot away on purpose…one, you won’t wait or get frustrated with trying to get the upfront spot like everyone else, but two, you’ll walk a bit more and make it closer to that daily goal.

2. Christmas Light Cheer

By far my favorite way to get my steps in. Our family LOVES (and I mean LOVES) to look at Christmas lights.  We used to drive around the neighborhoods but instead, we’ve learned to bundle up and put our walking shoes on in different neighborhoods instead.  You’ll be amazed how walking around a handful of streets will increase your daily steps.

3. Quick Indoor Bursts

This is a workout hack I’ve done for years…whether you have a long hallway, a staircase nearby or can just move your coffee table, challenge yourself to get in mini spurts throughout the day. Everything from 50 jumping jacks while you wait for the dinner to finish cooking to TV sit-ups (ie. If I want to watch my favorite tv show, I’ll have to do sit ups/push ups while watching it to get my heartrate up!) 

4. Log Onto YouTube

SO easy and people don’t realize how many free workouts there are on YouTube just waiting to be done.  I’ll open my laptop and let YouTube guide me through a workout while on the TV I have a favorite Christmas movie to watch…suddenly I forget I’m working out as I’m loving my holiday show.

5. Baby it’s Cold Outside

This was such a favorite of mine when I lived back East—any and all things snow and cold.  From ice skating to sledding (hello, walking back up those hills in snow is a no-joke workout!)  But some brisk winter air does the body good.