How to Get Over a Workout Slump…

It’s raining.  It’s too hot.  It’s my mother’s birthday.  It’s vacation. I didn’t sleep well last night….do you get my gist?  Who has been there with every excuse in the books about why you CAN’T work out?  I’m pretty sure we all have been at some point in time.  But working out is a necessity to keeping a healthy lifestyle on track.   So fear not, here are some tips and tricks to help you get out of that excuse filled workout slump and back on track to a healthy lifestyle + daily fitness!

1. Set a Goal + Reward: Remember as a kid how motivated you were if you did XYZ and accomplished it, you would get a reward?  Let the child inside you come out then and set yourself a goal + a reward.  Maybe it’s something as simple as getting a jumpstart with 20 minutes of power walking every day for a week.  And if you complete that, you’ll treat yourself to a manicure (or whatever may make you happy).  Then the following week (or set time frame) set another goal with something else behind it.  Having a goal (and for me, writing it out/making it visual in front of me to see) is powerful. I like to accomplish what I say I’m going to do and having a visual post it note reminder helps me keep my eye on the prize!


2. Buddy up: I’m sure you’ve heard this one before but it REALLY WORKS!  Who doesn’t want to spend time with their friends?  And also, who likes to let their friends down (not me!)  If your friend is counting on you to make it to an aerobics class with her, well you better be there!  Having a buddy system is a great way to get your energy back up about working out!

3. Ease Back Into It: So say that you’ve been out of your fitness routine for a while (be it 2 weeks or 2 months—everyone is different)…your body isn’t going to be ready to bounce back after a workout hiatus to be just like you left it.  Don’t be hard on yourself.  Say you’re just getting done with breast cancer treatment, your transition back to a ‘new normal’ workout routine is going to be very different than someone who took off two weeks of their workout routine.  And that’s fine…the main point is that you’re doing something every day to make yourself better and healthier.


4. Find your Jam: Who doesn’t love it when your favorite song comes on the radio or now-a-days all the great audio books that are out there.  Find either your favorite play list, download a new album from your favorite artist, or find a Podcast that you’ve been dying to listen to and let your workout time be the ONLY time you can listen to it.  It suddenly motivates you to workout merely to get to listen away!

So next time that you’re feeling like, “I can’t workout because….” really ask yourself if you CAN workout and it’s just an excuse.  Find your friends, your favorite jams and get your sweat on.  Your body, mind and spirit will thank you! You can also download our FREE exercise tips card to keep on hand for a little extra motivation!