How to Easily Make Friends Just About Anywhere…

As an adult woman it can be hard to make new friends. Of course, you’ll always have your circle of pals that you’ve built up over your life, but adding to it can honestly be a bit overwhelming and intimidating. Especially if you tend to be extremely introverted like myself. Growing your circle doesn’t necessarily mean you are replacing your bestie, rather you are growing your tribe and creating a group of friends that is there to support you in all seasons of life!

Again, it can be a bit hard to make a new friend. We are always working, being moms, being partners, and overall busy schedules. What if we built in time to grow our tribes and make new friends? You don’t have to search high and low you can easily make friends anywhere! Here are some great ideas on how to make a friend anywhere.

Social Media

They’re constantly popping up as a “Friend you May Know” or they are in your feed with some amazing photos of what they just cooked up in the kitchen. Social media is such a great way to connect with people. You see into their lives. It’s nothing to leave a comment or shoot a quick DM and say, “Hey, your workout posts are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!” You never know that convo it will start and what friends you can make.

Social Groups

Want to get more involved in your church? Need a group of women that understand what you’re going through? Church groups, breast cancer support groups, reading clubs, theirs groups for all interests! And most have a meeting schedule that fits everyone’s lifestyle. This is a perfect place to grow your tribe with others who have a similar story as you.

Make a Friend with a Friend

Sometimes sparking a conversation is easier when you have some back up. My husband and I have made some really great friends while we’ve been out on date night or traveling just by sparking a convo with another couple! My bestie and I used to meet new friends while we were out bonding over chips and queso — sparking convos with other girls doing the same thing. Random conversation starting can be a bit scary, but it’s easy when you have a partner in crime with you!

You don’t have to do life alone, and there is always room at the table for one more! At times it can be intimidating but growing your group of besties can be fun and who knows you may make a lifelong pal!