How Exercising Can Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk…

Walk, run, Zumba or Pilates…exercise in all forms is essential for women’s everyday health. But did you know that that 30-minute sweat session can help to reduce your risk of breast cancer?  Yes, you read that right…not only is your morning workout getting you summer ready, but it’s keeping your everyday health on track and helping you to reduce your risk of breast cancer! 

Many women are unaware of the vast studies that have been done regarding the link between breast cancer and exercise.  And not just a little, nearly 10-20% reduced risk of breast cancer has been shown in women who exercise!  Best part yet, you don’t have to be a marathon runner or a fitness instructor to meet the recommended levels of exercise to help reduce your risk.

Currently, the recommended rates of physical activity that is associated with a reduction of breast cancer are merely 30 minutes of moderate activity 5 days a week.  That’s only 2.5 hours a week…that’s less than 1% of the hours in your WHOLE WEEK to keep healthy and help reduce your risk…yet alone all the other health benefits with moving for 30 minutes! 

How Exercising Reduces Your Risk

So what’s the reasoning as to ‘how’ this helps reduce your rates of breast cancer?  Just a few points about women’s health/exercise:

  • Weight management: such an important factor in preventing any number of diseases; but being lean is a proactive health element
  • Keeping your immune system boosted: to fight anything…from a cold to cancer, having a strong immune system is key and keeping fit/exercising is a great way to keep yourself healthy and immune system strong
  • Estrogen levels: Studies have shown that high estrogen levels are linked to breast cancer risks.  Being active may help to keep estrogen levels in check

What Exercises to Try

But how do you fit in 30-minutes/5-days-a-week you may ask?  Here’s my top five list of easy, fun exercise ideas that will get your heart pumping and body staying healthy!:

  • Brisk Walking: I’m not talking a ‘stroll’…although something is better than nothing…but get your arms swinging and push yourself. Take your dog, kids or find an exercise buddy to go with too…it suddenly becomes a great time to catch up on your day!
  • Turn up the music: Currently a popular one in our house…our two-year-old LOVES to dance…well guess what, so do I so we turn on our music and start showing off our moves!!
  • Recreational Sports: my fav, tennis! Many communities have public courts (or schools do also) that you can use for free…sign up for a recreational team and learn something new!
  • Bike to it: Rather than driving your car to the post office or grocery store, hop on a good old bike and turn errands into errands and exercise! Can’t tell you how often I do this to our local grocery store! 
  • TV/Exercise Time: yes, you read that right…but it’s a great tip for people that DREAD exercising. Make your favorite TV show (aka. 30 minutes) a ‘treat’ but only if you work out during it. Grab some free weights, work on some ab exercises and even grab a jump rope or jumping jacks.  Suddenly your attention is diverted by the TV show and you forget you’re working out!

Get moving…exercise is such a simple way to empower your own health and make a difference in how you can be well and stay well!  Make it fun, make it a family thing!  You and your health won’t regret it!