Host A Beauty Drive

Think canned food drive, but with beauty products! Have your family, co-workers, church, or gym collect new and unopened beauty products. Then send them to iGoPink’s headquarters. Once we receive the items, our volunteers work hard in creating beauty bags to send to our hospital partners and breast cancer centers to provide hope and confidence in women nationwide as they undergo treatment.

What Beauty Product Do I Collect?

When collecting beauty items, please request new and unopened items only to ensure proper sanitary guidelines. We also do not accept any foundation or skin color specific beauty products.

  • Kleenex (travel size)
  • Lip care (chapstick, lip gloss, etc.)
  • Nail Polish
  • Blush or eyeshadow
  • Scarves
  • Jewelry (necklaces or bracelets
  • Sugar free mints or gum
  • Lotions or hand sanitizers (4oz or less)
Host A Beauty Drive
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