As the Marketing Coordinator, one of my jobs is to collect all of our Survivor Stories, written by real men and women going through breast cancer, and publish them to our website.  Typically, I scan through most of the stories and just edit them. However, lately I decided to take a different approach and actually read each one that comes across my desk, and boy let me tell you, I could go through so many tissues reading those suckers!

It is so empowering to read these stories about individuals having to remain strong even when they were scared and just wanted to break down and cry.  However, one thing I noticed is that in a lot of stories, these individuals give advice to others, not to other breast cancer patients, but they give advice to the family and friends of the one going through breast cancer.

I started thinking about what I would say and do if someone I loved was diagnosed with breast cancer, well first off… I would not know what to say, all I know is that I would be there for them. One story in particular came across my desk and it was from one of our biggest supporters, and breast cancer survivor herself, Carol, and while reading it, I could not help but feel all the feelings.

She talks about how having breast cancer makes patients feel like aliens, how everyone starts to treat you as if you are a piece of glass, and how she would give anything to just have felt normal one day.  So many loved ones ask the same basic questions, “How are you feeling today?”, “Take it easy, can I do anything to help?”, and let me tell you…Carol got really real about how that made her feel.

Going through breast cancer cannot be easy; so many individuals miss out on basic life events, such as traveling for the holidays.  So, give them positive memories to remember, because after all, the holiday season is made for memories!