Helping Hands

Asking for help. For some it comes so easy, but for me it is really really REALLY hard to let go and ask for help. At work we call it “delegating,” at home “sharing chores,” with friends “a favor.” I’ve never been a person to ask for help (unless it came to reaching something off the top shelf or involved power tools).

All the way through college and deep into my professional career I never asked for help. For me, I always thought I could do it better. Why ask for help in my work when I knew I could just do it myself? Then my desk started piling with work. My stress levels were out the roof and I was working longer days than I should’ve been. All my co-workers here at iGoPink were trying to take things off my hands and I was un-willing to let go control. All the amazing program services we offer were growing and blowing up, meanwhile I was sitting at my desk almost unable to breathe with the amount of work I had undertaken. I took a quick step back, swallowed my pride, and trusted my amazing colleagues to take over some of the work.

Essentially, I learned how to delegate. I learned how to ask for help and let go in my professional world. We brought in Allie who has been an angel and notices instantly when I have too much on my plate. For me, work has been so much better and brighter since I learned to ask for help and trust those I work with to do a great job within this organization.

At home, I try my hardest to make sure everything is running smoothly. The bills are paid, the house is clean, the dogs are fed and watered. As a coach and teacher my husband spent a lot of the year working hard and long hours, making me want to make sure everything was in its place for him when he came home. I was spending hours after work cleaning floors and doing laundry and meal prepping and by the time he got home I was exhausted. Again I had to learn to let go and ask for help around the house. I didn’t want to put any other tasks in his long day, but I was just wearing myself down. One day I just asked “Would you mind putting the dishes up while I finish up dinner?” We began sharing household responsibilities again. At first I felt so bad for asking him to do anything but relax, but he is always more than happy to make sure we are a team and share responsibility.

We talk to ladies everyday who are battling breast cancer. Who are strong and working hard to beat cancer. Also these ladies are just like me, they don’t want to ask for help. Well I am here to tell you it is okay to reach out and ask for a little help. It does not make you seem weak or incapable, but proves you are a utilizer of resources. Leverage colleagues, family and friendships daily to become a team. Ask for a helping hand and you will receive AND you will not regret it!

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