Healthy Virgin Cocktails Perfect for End of Summer…

With Labor Day weekend upon us, it’s officially the end to the summer (well, kinda sorta, unless you live in Texas in which it’s still 103* feels like temps and we’ll be in summer until November!)  BUT, as most families get ready to cap off the summer festivities this holiday weekend, the iGoPink team is here to share some fun festive and healthy virgin cocktails that keep in line with our Healthy Grocery Shopping List items and keep you on track with some of the best breast cancer preventative and survivalship health tips!

Many women don’t know that there are scientific studies that link alcohol consumption to breast cancer. This is one of those ‘be educated’ tips we preach weekly here at The Breast Cancer Charities of America. Alcohol is to be consumed in moderation and in discussion with your doctor should you be going through treatment. But the sugars (the active ingredient in nearly all alcoholic beverages) is what iGoPink calls “miracle grow for cancer.”  Cancer(s) feed off sugar, so eliminating or having it in moderation is best.  But the best newsflash, you don’t have to give up a savory sip with these healthy virgin cocktail ideas below!

  • Home Brewed Sweet Fruit Iced Tea – This my friends, is my FAVORITE. I’m not talking about ice tea from the store, but made at home brewed tea.  Personally, I own a Black & Decker Ice Tea brewing machine and my FAVORITE go to is using herbal peach flavored tea…I like mine strong, but you can put as many tea bags or as few in your batch.  Brew up a fresh batch of this tea, then I sweeten with a dash of Stevia and when hosting a party, I spice up the tea with festive skewers of fresh fruit and mint leaves (strawberries, blueberries and peach slices with a long spring of fresh mint and you will have the most festive looking drink around!) 
  • Creamy Fruit Daiquiri – You read this right…it’s almost like having a smoothie, but when everyone else is having their pina coladas or strawberry daiquiri’s, don’t feel left out (as this tastes just as good!) Use a low-calorie container of Greek yogurt (I like the 80 calorie pina colada flavored Yoplait yogurt), mix in ½ c. unsweetened almond milk, 3-4 ice cubes, few pieces of cut pineapple and I like to add about ¼ c of unsweetened coconut.  Blend to preferred consistency—it omits using the sugar filled syrups that are in so many daiquiri drinks and with a tiny drink umbrella, you’ll feel just as fancy!
  • Ginger Berry Twist – Want to look extra fancy? Try this one.  Use a can of diet ginger ale, mix with 1 tsp of frozen cranberry concentrate and shake. Pour over ice or in a fancy martini glass.  Use fresh cranberries to serve it with and a sprig of fresh rosemary and lime slice. These flavors, when blended together, are so fresh and has just a twist enough with the rosemary and lime to make you stop in your tracks and wonder what deliciousness you’re tasting! 

Whatever upcoming party, BBQ or basic weekend R&R you may encounter, cheers ladies…to the holiday weekend, to the end of summer, to a wonderful rest of the year and to your health, every day of the week!  Make it a fun, festive and great one!