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I’ve been traveling since I was young with my family and took my love for seeing new things and places and people with me into adulthood. The thing about traveling is you are generally submissive to local cuisine and restaurants, usually chosen by your Trip Advisor search and USUALLY quite heavy on the tummy. Whether I am in Colorado (where I have been like 100 times) or learning and exploring Africa (only been there once) I try to keep some balance with my eating.

First and foremost if I am traveling internationally or keeping it local right here in the USA, I always pack healthy snacks. I bring at least one protein/granola bar for day I will be gone. Other good snacks to pack are mini mixed nut packs, crackers and peanut butter, and flavored rice cakes. These don’t take up much space in your suitcase and won’t get messy. Snacks keep you satisfied in between meals when you’re at home, so why not continue that habit on vacay? Keeping healthy snacks handy while you travel will reduce the risk of stopping at that Italian gelato shop or New York hot dog stand.

It’s also good to do research. What is fresh and local and delicious? Trip Advisor and Yelp aren’t always full of the best greasy burger options. When eating out try to ask the locals, “What’s the best produce around here?” or “What’s your favorite fresh meal?” When I was in Africa it was hard to determine what was in the dishes, but keeping it fresh with local seafood and veggies made it easy to keep it light. By remembering to include lean meats and lots of veggies in meals while eating out, it helps keep me fuller longer and feeling good (not sluggish).

Finally try something new. I never thought I would eat elk in Colorado or grilled squid in Italy or baobab (it’s a tree, “Tree of Life”) jelly in Senegal. These are all healthy foods that I may never get the chance to eat here in Texas. Again these are local options that are health and really really good. I know a lot of “picky” eaters, but it’s good to branch out and immerse yourself in local cuisine. It’s usually fresher, healthier, and more delicious.

I would also like to note that I do make sure to enjoy my trip and enjoy meals. If I’m gone for work, school, or vacation…. I am going to try something that’s off the chain delicious no matter the nutritional value. Because honestly you are traveling to enjoy. Like I always say, it’s about compromising, keep that in mind 🙂

Safe Holiday Travels Ya’ll!

-Alix Josey

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