Ghosts, goblins, princesses & ballerinas…the SWEETEST time of year is here: Halloween!  But with all that sweetness comes pounds of sugar, chocolate and sweets that definitely aren’t on the healthy eating list we love to follow at iGoPink.  So what’s a busy girl to do without getting labeled as the ‘bad house’ to trick-or-treat at?  Come up with some super fun, healthy and even non-food based ideas to pass out when your doorbell rings!  Keep reading…

Let’s face it, we all have been there as kids—“go to the Smith’s house: they have full-sized candy bars!”  Instantly the Smith’s were labeled as the cool neighbors for the rest of the year (trust me, they were my next-door neighbors as a kid and that’s how we literally labeled their house was based on their Halloween handouts!)  But, now that I’m a mom and concerned about not only my health but my little one’s health, I try to make best efforts to keep things fun and “cool”, but try to keep it healthy.  So what are some of my favorite fun things to pass out when the doorbell rings?:

  • Snack packs: pretzels, popcorn, teddy grahams, goldfish and baked chips
  • One of my favs: glowsticks! Because what kid (or adult) doesn’t like to wear something that glows at night while trick-or-treating
  • Granola bars
  • Individually packaged toys: small playdough or crayon boxes are great!
  • Bubbles
  • Money (I kid you not, a house used to hand out $1 bills to every kid…WINNER!)
  • Ghost or pumpkin shaped water bottles (my daughter just got one of these at a Halloween event and it’s her favorite thing she got, even over the candy!)
  • Halloween themed toys: from fangs to pumpkin stickers and ‘eyeball’ bouncy balls (TIP: purchase these on Nov 1 on clearance and save them for next year!)

Another tip for parents, create a reward system for your kids to ‘earn’ by giving back their candy.  What do I mean? 

I learned this last year from a friend of mine and thought it was genius.  Pre-purchase a few of your kids favorite toys (doesn’t have to be pricey) and then make their be a reward system that is a surprise.  Allow them to pick out a certain number of their favorite pieces of candy (because common, they’re kids and they need to have SOME fun) but put a limit on it (my friend did 31 pieces since Halloween is on he 31st).  Then, the rest of the candy they give to you as a parent (my friend had her husband take it to work to get it out of their house/temptation) and then in return for them giving you their candy to share with others, they get a gift! 

Not only does it keep the sweets out of them (and your house—because, hello, I’m guilty of tapping into my daughter’s candy bowl if it’s there) but it also teaches them choices and in a reward system standpoint.  By doing something healthy for themselves (not eating the candy) they made a wise choice and mom/dad reward them for that smart choice. 

So get creative, let your kiddos have fun and enjoy a sweet here or there, but teach them healthy habits and be the cool house that hands out fun stuff without costing the kids a trip to the dentist!  Happy Halloween!