Healthy Drive-Thru Eats!

Drive thru eating is a harder habit to quit but so, so easily started. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten off work, exhausted, and gone through the drive-thru at a fast food place! After work I don’t feel like standing in the hot kitchen for over an hour cooking a full family meal. In the morning, when I’m rushing out the door with a baby on my hip, a diaper bag in one hand and coffee in the other, I forget to grab a lunch! Life of a working wife and mom means that sometimes I don’t want to cook and I would rather eat pizza, and hop in a hot bubble bath with a one… or three glasses of wine.

*Side note, can anyone tell me where I can buy the wine glass that holds a whole bottle of wine? Maybe then the hubs will stop giving me crazy looks when I go back to the kitchen for refills. Haha!*

I know I’ve hit the drive thru one too many times when nothing sounds appetizing. Everyone knows what a toll fast food takes on their body, yet we all still do it. I can honestly say it’s a habit that I’ve cut back on, but probably won’t fully quit. Let me get even more honest here and say that as horrible as McDonald’s fries are, I will never cut them out of my diet for good. They are my weakness and when I just really need comfort food they are my go to. Sorry not sorry.

One of my new year’s resolution, as I wrote about previously, was to start making healthier food choices. As much as I love burgers, fries, chicken strips, and pastas I came to terms that I don’t have the metabolism of my 16-year-old self anymore. BUT, if I was going to be eating out, my food choices had to be better. After trying some pretty gross meals that a lot of fast food places claim to be “healthy” I’ve found my go to favorites!

Check them out below, you may like them as much as I do!

Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap®

Slices of grilled chicken breast nestled in a fresh bed of green leaf lettuce with shredded red cabbage, and carrots, tomato slices and a blend of Monterrey Jack and cheddar cheeses tightly rolled in multi-grain flat bread. served with choice of dressing.

Egg White Grill®

Grilled chicken breast, freshly grilled egg whites and American cheese served on a toasted multi-grain English muffin.

Turkey Sausage, Egg White & Spinach Power Sandwich®

Turkey sausage cooked into egg whites, Vermont white cheddar, spinach, vine-ripened tomato, salt and pepper on a Sprouted Grain Bagel Flat.

Green Goddess Cobb®

A traditional Cobb salad with Chicken raised without antibiotics, arugula, romaine, kale and radicchio blend, vine-ripened tomatoes and pickled red onions tossed in freshly made Green Goddess dressing and topped with avocado, bacon and cage-free hard-boiled egg.



In the end, even though I must make healthier food choices and not eat chicken nuggets and fries four times a week, I like to think of eating healthier as…more wine to fit into my diet! Seems like a pretty good trade to me. 😉

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