Health Benefits of Taking Up Swimming This Summer…

Summer loving…who is with me?  I LOVE summertime.  Give me all the outdoors, sunshine (of course with my SPF 50+) and anything in/near water and I will be one happy lady! The best part of it, there are so many amazing and easy ways to kick your fitness routine into gear in the summer too…and my favorite way, in the pool!   Swimming and water fitness are SUCH an easy and fun ways to spice up your workout routine and the health benefits are amazing!  Think I’m crazy?  Keep on reading because there are tons of amazing health benefits to gain from swimming!

Summer is the perfect opportunity to get your daily dose of Vitamin D via the outdoor sunshine, be active + spend time with your family while doing it all and like I said, in the pool is my favorite way.  In just a mere 30 minutes, you can get a fantastic full body cardiovascular workout and icing on the cake, I get to do it with my family!


  • Low Impact: For anyone that has back or any sort of joint aches/pains/injuries, swimming is your solution to fitness. The resistance of the water takes the pressure off your joints, but the resistance of the water also makes your muscles work to push the water in different ways. 
    • FITNESS TIP:When you first get in the pool, do 25 in-water jumping jacks…you’ll be amazed how you can immediately boost your heart rate
  • Your Pace/Speed: Swimming is one of those things that you can do at your own pace and speed.If you’re comfortable with 10 laps at a time, then great!  But maybe you’re just starting and 3 full laps is it, or you’re a pro and you can swim hours on end. 
    • FITNESS TIP: if laps aren’t your thing, jump onto YouTube and look for some great videos on water aerobics—simple things like knee lifts and running men back and forth in the shallow end. Add in some gallon jugs filled with water to work your upper body or merely use the wall of the pool to do angled push ups.  Tons of great non-lap swimming options for the pool. 
  • Cardio cardio cardio: I love to swim and do so for a true workout. I’ll challenge myself via time to push myself further with laps.  When I first start off the season swimming, I’m pretty lucky if I make 3-5 minutes of swimming solid before I’m out of breath.  By the end of summer I’m at a pretty steady 12-15 minutes that I can swim. But when I get done, I’m WINDED! You’ll be amazed what a great cardio workout swimming is (and again, without the joint impact/intensity!)
  • Full body workout: If you’re wanting to kill 3 birds with one stone, swimming is it!You get an upper body, torso and leg workout all in one!  It’s toning, it’s fat burning and it’s low impact…again, win win! 

The next time your friend invites you over to their pool, or you get the flyer in the mail that talks about free community swim day, grab your suit, your family + your sunblock and hit the water.  Your body will thank you and you may just find the latest fitness routine that you love for the summer!