Healing through Support

October is personally my favorite month, it always has been, and is probably why I am destined to work at an amazing breast cancer organization. This is my second October working with The Breast Cancer Charities of America and our calendars are already filled with events, appearances, and campaigns that individuals and companies are hosting on our behalf across the country. It is truly inspiring to see the American community coming together and supporting breast cancer awareness and sharing all the wonderful things different breast cancer organizations do for patients and survivors.

What I have learned working with The Breast Cancer Charities of America is that the Pink Community is amazing. Men and women who all have a passion for breast cancer prevention. Breast cancer patients leaning on each other for love and support through their personal battles. Survivors sharing their stories of breast cancer triumph to help touch others and help them survive breast cancer. Whether you attend a local breast cancer event or you are leaning on an online support community, across the nation you can see the power of the pink community.

Emotional, spiritual, financial, physical support are all important parts of wellness. You see all these various types of support weaved throughout the pink community. I hear all the time about emotional support provided to patients through local breast cancer support groups, Facebook communities dedicated to supporting breast cancer patients and more. I love to see how lending an ear and some unequivocal advice can change a patients life.

All the churches we work with utilize their platform to host educational events on breast cancer prevention and awareness. We have requests from the church community across the country for educational materials to hand out to their congregations. They are combining spiritual health and breast cancer awareness, outstretching their arms to support more of the ladies we touch everyday.

The Breast Cancer Charities of America offers The Help Now Fund, a financial assistance program offered to breast cancer patients to help with living expenses. We want patients to focus on getting well and not necessarily the mortgage payment or light bill. Financial support can be a huge factor in breast cancer survival. All of the wonderful individuals and companies hosting parties, car washes, bake sales, and everything in between to raise funding for breast cancer patients. Raising money to donate to all the organizations who are built to serve patients and survivors, who are built to do research, and who are there as general support for the breast cancer community.

So this October reach out to your pink community. Take time to educate yourself on breast cancer prevention methods. If you are currently battling breast cancer take the time to dive into the love and support provided by breast cancer patients because through the pink community you will find healing, hope, and support.

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