Have A Happy & F.I.T New Year…Guaranteed

From Christmas to New Years, Merry & Happy everything from the iGoPink Team to yours.  While you may be sitting there reading this blog post with dreams of your NYE plans in place, hopefully, you’re reflecting on the good things that happened in 2017 and being grateful for them.

A wonderful quote I remind myself of often is, “the days may be long, but the years are short..enjoy the moments.”  How true is it, every year when it comes time to turn the calendar to January, we all sit here and go, ‘where did the year go’?  Focus on the good of the year; what successes and blessings you had; what positive things happened in your life (even if it was a year of ‘trying’ times).

But now as we gear up for a new year, it’s a great time to set new goals, new challenges and new opportunities to succeed.  And it’s this time of year that is my favorite to evaluate your FITness goals.  To me, fitness is not only that of the body, but it’s also that of the mind/soul.  Fitness is something that requires work, dedication and sometimes an extra boost to get going.  So how do I define, and guarantee, an F.I.T. 2018?  Keep reading.

have-a-happy-&-FIT-new-yearNot just find it, make it.  For me, this is getting up VERY EARLY (aka. It’s still dark outside) to first, give myself a ‘mental fitness’ morning devotion time.  When I wake in the early hours, my devotion is the first thing I do of the day.  Keeping my mind fit is just as important as my body.

Next is my physical fit time…after I’ve geared myself up for the day, I put on my sweatpants, grab my dog & leash and off we go.  At least 30 minutes.  It’s not a ton of time, but it is mandatory to me that I do this.  Not just for the sake of needing daily exercise, but for the state of mind it puts me in when I come back from time in nature with fresh air and clarity on the day.

One of the new things you will see us launching at The Breast Cancer Charities of America in 2018 is our new Goal Charts and Downloads.   We have a fantastic exercise tip sheet that will keep you on track, setting new goals and accomplishing your fitness goals in 2018.  Click here to download!

have-a-happy-&-FIT-new-yearIn an age of digital obsessions, we can tend to forget face to face time with our friends and family when glued to our mobile devices.  This can be as simple as talking with our spouse, catching up on the stories of our kids from school or having some simple girlfriend time laughing.  What a better way to accomplish all of this than by being physically fit (going on a walk with those people to simply catch up on the day) and simultaneously, there you have a built-in form of accountability to show up!

So many people say what a difference it makes when a friend is involved in your daily/weekly fitness routine.  They’re there.  Holding you accountable to show up.  You’re going to let them down if you don’t, and let yourself down by not fulfilling your personal fitness goals.  Grab a friend, make it fun, pick up a new sport or hobby together…it will change your physical and emotional fitness.

have-a-happy-&-FIT-new-yearOne of the most difficult things for SO many people is the mental side of a new routine/goal.  Training your brain to be positive and think of fitness as an opportunity, not a chore, can be a huge task if it’s not a ‘normal’ thing in your day to day life.

Put positive affirmations around your home that encourages you about your health:

                 “I am Fit.  I am healthy.  I am strong. Today I choose health & wellness over illness in my life. When I feel good, I exercise.  When I exercise, I feel good.”

Some people may laugh at these affirmations, but when you read and feed your soul words of positivity and inspiration, it’s amazing how it impacts your life.

So as your 2017 comes to a close, look at your F.I.T.ness plans for 2018—body, mind and spirit.  Are you finding the time, incorporating friends and accountability and are you training your brain for mental success?  If not, take these tips and our downloads to heart.  They work…I promise you.

To a prosperous and happy 2018 to all.

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