Hair Care Tips for After Chemo…

Figuring out how to navigate hair styling and growth after undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer can be a challenge for a lot of women. For many women who lose their hair, it can often grow back a different color of even texture, leaving women feeling uncertain on how to manage their new look. Try these few hair care tips for after chemo.


Chemotherapy kills rapidly dividing cells like hair, so this is what causes patient’s hair to fall out while undergoing treatment. So when looking to regrow your hair after chemo, many women turn to supplements. But before taking any kind of supplements, be sure to consult your doctor to ensure they are safe!

One of the most common supplements known for hair growth is Biotin. Biotin, or also known as Vitamin H, is a part of the complex B vitamin group. According to, Biotin helps metabolize fats and carbohydrates, but has also been linked to improved hair health, and maintaining proper function of the nervous system. Biotin can also be found in biotin-rich foods such as egg yolks, oats, wheat germ, white mushrooms and spinach.


One thing many women experience after losing their hair during chemo, is that the texture comes back completely different. Many women may experience a new color and even thicker or thinner hair than what you were used to. So, be prepared that your new locks might now be what you remember. But why does this happen? Well, chemotherapy kills certain cells like hair, which is why hair is often the first to go. Often times when chemotherapy is complete, certain elements of the drug remain and can impact the new growth of your hair cells. Since your hair follicles are now being altered, it can cause hair to grow back curly and coarser than before. But as your hair continues to grow, those curls and coarseness can change!


Hair Coloring

After your hair begins to grow again, with those new changes in color, many women can be quick to hit the salon! But before you do that be sure to consult with your doctor. A lot of hair dyes have extremely harsh chemicals and your new hair will needs to be cared for gently as it returns. Try avoiding coloring your hair for at least 6-8 months. 

Hair Tools & Products

When it comes to using hair tools and products, it can be hard to know when to use them and when to avoid them as you anxiously wait for your hair to come back in. But like coloring, your hair needs to be cared for gently and during the first 3 months it’s extremely crucial to do so. Try to avoid hair styling products filled with harsh chemicals during the first 3 months. Once your hair really starts to take fold, get creative with styles and take to Pinterest for some short hair inspiration!