Gray Hair, Don’t care!

Since I can remember, I have had extremely thick, course, curly/wavy, dark auburn brown hair. As a child, my hair was thick and since I refused to brush it, my nickname was Mop head! My sister gave me this name because she said that she could just turn me upside down and clean the floor with my head because it looked just like a raggedy old mop! I do remember I hated brushing my hair and would only do it when made to, and even then, I would only brush the top layer.

Eventually I learned that I could not walk around with a rat’s nest for a head and started having to brush it, I think I was 10. 😊 Ever since then, I have kept extremely long hair, typically past my waist. I did this to add weight to my hair because as I mentioned earlier, it is extremely thick and frizzy and the only way to tame it is to weigh it down! The other thing about my hair is that I have had gray hair since I was about 20. It started randomly with just little ones here and there, wasn’t really noticeable unless you were looking for them.

Well as I have gotten older (using this tern loosely as I am NOT OLD), the gray started to show up more and more. Now, I have never been one to really dye my hair because I have always liked my hair color, but recently, meaning like the last 3 years, I have had to start dying it, as close to my natural color as possible, to hide the gray.  Welllllll, unfortunately, that will no longer suffice! The little white monsters are attacking!!! It has become more and more prominent around my face (hairline), side burn area, and the sides and back of my neck. So, what was my first instinct? Google it! Tips for hiding gray hair….and here is what we have provided graciously by FashionStyle!

Mascara, lash tint and eyeliner all serve to add dramatic color to eyes — and they can do the same for color-starved strands. These everyday makeup items are perfect for coating gray hairs in a pinch. Since mascara wands and finely tipped liners are designed to navigate the delicate eye area with accuracy, they also offer the precision necessary to color a few, isolated gray strands on your head.

Make a Mark

At the office when you spot that first gray hair? NBD. You’ll handle the situation like a boss by quickly shading in that stray gray with the Sharpie that sits on your desk. (Note: This works best for dark-haired gals obvs.)

Set It In Spray

OK, so you’ve successfully managed to cover gray hair with either the makeup or marker of your choice, but how do you make sure it doesn’t melt off? If the weather calls for rain, snow or humidity, you’re out of luck. But if sunny skies are in the forecast, lock in your impromptu, temporary hair color by setting it with a coat of hairspray.

Get Your Glitter On

If covering gray hairs is a priority, then chances are you’re still young at heart. Cover your gray roots in a manner befitting your lively spirit by trying the fun-and-fresh glitter roots trend. Simply coat your hair part with pomade, sprinkle glitter on it and boom! You’ve nixed gray roots while simultaneously proving you’re still with it. (Because there’s nothing like glitter-decorated hair to say, “I’m not old!”)

And this is my favorite!!!

Cut It Out

Think coloring should be reserved for books? If you can’t be bothered to shade in your strays with products, there’s a lightening fast solution that gets to the root of the problem — literally. Simply cut your gray hair at the root to eliminate the little defectors. Whatever you do, don’t pluck your grays; yanking out a hair is a follicle folly that can lead to wiry hair that can grow back like a spotlight-seeking alfalfa sprout (when all you want to do is pull the curtain on your silver strands).

Needless to say, I did not follow any of these nifty tricks! I chose a little more subtle, less hair removing choice….Highlights!

Turn on the Highlights

If, on the other hand, you want to part your hair wherever you please, ask your stylist for highlights at the crown, part and sides of your head. The lighter strands will help grays blend in rather than stand out like eyesores that instantly age you. This tactic is perfect for lazy, low-maintenance gals who don’t want to deal with the upkeep that comes with dying your entire mane.

So you see, we can come with some kind of solution.

Until next time Friends

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