3 Easy Things to Do on National Good Samaritan Day

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Happy National Good Samaritan Day—who doesn’t love a day where we can show kindness to those around us.  Whether or not we know the person or they are a complete stranger, there’s nothing better than GIVING to make this world a better place.

So many times when people think of the word giving, they associate it with money and suddenly it becomes an excuse as to why they can’t do something nice.  Well think outside the box…kindness doesn’t have to cost anything. 

Think of the times that you’ve been in a hurry and ‘snuck’ in front of someone in line, or tried to beat someone to the light when you’re driving verses letting them merge in.  Or what about the times that you see your mailman, UPS guy or water delivery people and you simply say ‘hi’ but never get to know their name, offer them a bottle of water or simply ask how their day is.  They’re no different than you or me. 

One of the (MANY) neat things we do at iGoPink & The Breast Cancer Charities of America is every month at our monthly team meeting, we end the meeting by  voting on a person that we nominate as our ‘Be Thankful’ person of the month.  This is someone who constantly helps us out and probably doesn’t get thanked many times in their day.  We’ll write them a thank you from each of us and typically get them something small to say thanks that we think they’ll like.  Anything from a $10 ‘lunch on us’ gift card to a local sandwich shop, to a box of cookies or having their favorite ice tea on hand when they deliver our mail.  It’s something simple and small, but makes an impact to show our appreciation.

How can you participate today in National Good Samaritans Day?  Here are three easy, inexpensive and unique ideas to make a great impact in the world today:

  • Be the eMERGE-ing leader on the roads: today, focus on letting those you come in touch with on the road have the right of way.  Let the person merge in that everyone else is cutting off and simply wave and smile. 
  • NAME the person you see daily: we all like to be recognized but so many times we don’t even know the names of the people we deal with daily.  This could be your favorite barista, to you mailman, to a delivery person that stops by your office.  Find out their name and start simply by greeting them with “Hey Robert, how’s your day today?”  You have no idea how special it makes someone feel when you use their name…and what a simple deed!
  • VOLUNTEER: So many groups, organizations and companies rely on people to volunteer their time.  This may be playing Bingo at your local senior citizen center, or maybe it’s playing piano at the assisted living home; maybe it’s coming into an organization like iGoPink to help us stuff Feeling Beautiful Again bags or possibly going to a school to offer to read to the children.  Being a volunteer and mentor is empowering


On this National Good Samaritan Day, think about the simple things that you could do to make this world a better place.  It only takes one person to make a difference…and that’s you.  Do something good today! 



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