The “Good Enough” Monster

Good Enough


There is this monster that lives in the back of all our lives.  He is big, scary, and jealous.  He is the type of monster that wants you all to himself.  He stalks you and waits for his turn to grab you and hold you in his clutches once again. 

He is the “good enough” monster. 

He is there in the back of our minds, he tells us that we have done “good enough”; when really there is far more that we are capable of. 

At the Breast Cancer Charities of America, we circle everything that we do back to the importance of healthy living and a healthy lifestyle that produces informed decisions.  When you are trying to live a healthy and fit lifestyle the “good enough” monster is always creeping in the background… (HE IS A REAL STRUGGLE IN MY PERSONAL FITNESS GOALS!) 

When healthy choices get hard or I start to feel tired, then all the sudden the “good enough” monster starts creeping back up from the shadows.  The challenge is to block this guy out and keep pushing on.  Even when I think I am done, I have been trying to force myself to take one more step, rep, or lap! 

This all began by learning about things that will make me better!  When I work out or exercise, it is very easy for me to get to the end of a session and think… yes, that was “good enough”.  True… my efforts may have been good enough, but, did they help make me any better?  My challenge has really been to think about when I’m done or at the point where I start to slow or stop— commit to pushing myself to be better!

Where to start?  Begin where you can!  Start slow! 

Remind yourself that just when you think you are done…. You are not!  Every extra effort that you make today will build on each subsequent outing!  (You will get there). 

Need an idea to get started? 

How about spending the extra five to ten minutes to stretch? 

One thing that I know I should do that will help me get the most out of that effort and be/ feel even better is the post workout stretch.  Instead of heading home from a walk/jog and beelining straight for a shower and the massive list of chores awaiting, I added a post exercise stretching routine to my weekend workout!  That addition has made all the difference. 

Stretching after a workout is so good for you because it reduces muscle fatigue. Because muscles are warm from all the energy and effort that you have just put out, you have increased blood circulation.  Your body craves a cool down and it is the optimum time to loosen muscles stretch, and increase flexibility. 

Does the “good enough” monster creep into your exercise or healthy eating routine?  How do you chase him away?  What is one why thing that you can commit to today that will make you feel better tomorrow?  The gals at iGoPink Life/The Breast Cancer Charities of America would love to hear and share your ideas too!  Comment below. 

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