Can I get an Amen to the weather in Texas finally being reasonable enough to be outside! Since, the weather is now below 100 degrees in Texas, it is time to start planning all the fun outdoor activities we love. My boyfriend and I have recently bought a camper and are so excited to start making unforgettable camping memories, because we both love to be outdoors and exploring unfamiliar places. When we purchased our new camper, we got a free year of camping at sites that are scattered from Texas to Florida. This past weekend we got the opportunity to use our camper for the very first time. We didn’t go far from home though, about an hour away from Houston(home), but it was so much fun just to get away and testing the camper out.

Like any other trip, you must plan and pack what clothes you are going to bring along with you. Although, it is not scorching hot still in Texas right now, it is still warm enough to get in the water, so on my current trip a bathing suit was must, because at the site we had the option to enjoy being on the lake or spending time on at the pool onsite. I got my cute and fashion forward bikini from Target. I absolutely love the halter top style and fun vibrant colors. I wore this along with a pair of plain black cheeker bottoms from Victoria secret. My favorite thing to do is have plain color bottoms and multiple color tops so I can mix and match them.

Once the temperatures started to drop as it got closer to night time I change into some plain black legging from target and wore my flannel over my back V-neck from some additional coverage.

I love expressing my style even while camping, because glamping is definitely a thing now! Spending time with loved ones and friends while still looking fabulous and chic is just so much fun. It was awesome getting the opportunity to soak up some vitamin D, a breast cancer preventative, and test out our new camper this past weekend.

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