Easy, Healthy Breakfasts for the Girl on the Go

My Favorite Go-To Breakfast



  I used to never eat breakfast. Like literally all my life, only a late weekend breakfast with all the goodies (omelet, bacon, Italian bread toast, fresh coffee, juice, literally everything). I became a breakfast junky when I first started dating my now husband. Xavian is a man who will not function without breakfast, and it’s probably his favorite meal of the day. When we first started dating we would go do our morning workout and come home and he would get the stove going. The first few months I still wasn’t a fan, but when I would skip breakfast my day just would not be right. That is when I knew I had become a breakfast eater.

                  I know lots of people don’t eat breakfast, I am here to convert you. I know all the excuses (remember been there, done that) “I’m not hungry when I wake up” or “I  don’t have the time to cook breakfast” or “I’ll just stop and grab something if I have time. Well your body actually is hungry since you have not ate since dinner about 10 hours before. And you do have the time (all my breakfast recipes take less than 10 minutes). And you won’t stop and grab something, and if you do it’s not going to be the best option because that bagel and cream cheese spread will have you hungry before 10:30 am.

                  A protein granola, frozen berries, and low-fat Greek yogurt is a great breakfast option that takes 5 minutes to prep the night before and will be perfect to grab and go in the morning.

                  Greek yogurt is a great thing to have in your fridge for quick breakfasts. It is the base for overnight parfaits and can take your morning smoothie from watery/icy to creamy. But the staple breakfast food that is ALWAYS in our house is organic brown eggs and a carton of egg-whites.

                  From the time I put the pan onto the stovetop to the time I am eating my morning egg meal it takes maybe 7 minutes, maybe. Let’s be real, switching your outfit each morning takes you longer than that. How to I cook my eggs? Any and every way I can imagine.

                  Over-easy eggs served with an avocado covered English muffin is heaven on a Monday morning. Scrambled egg whites with spinach, cheese, and salsa get me through my Tuesday. Turkey sausage patty and fried egg sandwiches on whole grain bread make Wednesdays feel as good as Fridays. Eggs are full of protein and fats (egg whites are a great lower fat/calorie option as well). These fragile rounds of goodness can get you through your mornings. The proteins and fats keep you fuller longer, and serve as a better fuel source for your body throughout the day. And it doesn’t hurt that they are versatile as well. So many things can be done with eggs! Check out this article 19 Healthy Egg Breakfasts you can Eat On The Go.


What is your go to breakfast? We would love to hear about all your great breakfast recipes and tips!



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