Get Involved & Make a Difference by Fundraising…

Did you know that by doing something as simple as ‘donating your birthday’ on Facebook, you could raising thousands of dollars to help women going through breast cancer?  That could mean that merely by you sharing a campaign, you have the ability to literally change a woman’s life.  From financial assistance to keep her rent or car payment made while she faces the costs of treatment, to providing hundreds of Feeling Beautiful Again bags to women going through breast cancer.  A simple social media post/campaign can change soemone’s life!  So what are you waiting for?  Get involved and make a ddifference by fundraising.  Let us share some of our fast, easy and fun ways to “Have Fun. And Do Good!”


One of the easiest things to do. Jump on Facebook, find our page and select ‘start a fundraiser’.  It takes under 2 minutes to set one up and share to your friends.  Think of doing these great options…Donate your:

    1. Birthday
    2. Anniversary
    3. In Honor of a friend/loved one who is currently going through breast cancer
      1. This could be done on THEIR birthday/first day of treatment or truly, any time and day…MAKE A DIFFERENCE
    4. In Memory of someone who lost their battle to breast cancer
      1. This could be done on the anniversary of their diagnosis, their birthday/anniversary of passing or again, truly any time!Every dollar, every day matters. 


Who doesn’t love having their friends over for something fun that helps others out? Think of your favorite hobby (from sports, fitness classes, Bunko and your standard ‘girls group’) to clubs that you may be involved in (support groups, Bible study groups, Book clubs) and throw out the idea to your friends to make it a “Pink Out” night. 

  1. Everyone makes a set donation amount and make it as simple as dressing up in pink/serving everything within the theme of healthy foods that help prevent breast cancer; to making it an elaborate fundraiser for your crew filled with silent auction items and more.  Suddenly your standard Wednesday girls night turns into something where you’re having fun and doing good all at the same time!


Have you been on our event page? If not, there’s a very good chance that there’s an event across the nation that you can join near you and help us by raising funds for these amazing events! 

Between our own Pink 5k (or participating in our Virtual Pink 5k race)  to participating in Run Like a Diva or Muddy Princess runs across the nation, all of these races have VERY EASY ways to set up your own fundraising or make a direct donation to benefit the organization. Everyone loves a good race or fun run…get the whole family involved, share those fundraising pages via social media and email out to your co-workers, friends and family and you’ll be amazed how much you can raise! 

So, what are you waiting for? Get involved…today, right now! The opportunities are there and with your mere effort of setting up a fundraising page and sharing it with your friends and family, you too can be changing the lives of women going through a very dark time in the lives fighting breast cancer!    

Remember, breast cancer isn’t just a single month (October) when you see a lot of pink ribbons/campaigns and breast cancer doesn’t discriminate.  Breast cancer is something that happens every day.  It’s 365 days a year that we sadly lose someone to this disease.  It’s 365 days a year that someone is first diagnosed and has to go home and tell their family.  It’s 365 days a year that iGoPink is empowering and educating people to make a difference.  So join us…help us make that difference today and all other 364 days of this year.