Geraldine’s Story

I am a mother and grandmother. I’ve always worked and been an active member in my church. I love to travel, visit with family & friends and I served in many missions trips helping others. I have always been a very active, full of life person, and even now every opportunity I get to encourage and strengthen others I do. I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 3/2015. I had the surgery but they didn’t remove the breast. Three months later, the cancer was back in the same breast. Upon doing a PET scan, they found a different cancer in my lungs (melanoma). A few months later on 12/21/2016, they discovered I had two bleeding brain tumors. I had brain surgery and just recently a few weeks ago, I was hospitalized for pancreatitis. I am doing radiation and chemo, and it has been very rough.

I have found my most support from my family, especially my daughter and granddaughter. My daughter has taken a leave from work to care for me. We only have each other. You just have to remember that while you’re going through – remember others. You can’t let the cancer hinder you, keep on pressing on in spite of what you’re going through. I have kept my cancer from my community. I did mission work in Belize while battling cancer myself to serve food while spreading The Word. When you encounter something like this, you have to really take control of what it is you want to do and how you want to do it. A lot of times you will get sidetracked on your focus but the most important thing is to keep focused on what’s important.

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