breast-cancer-appThe Woodlands, Texas (December 3, 2018):

iGoPink/The Breast Cancer Charities of America is proud to announce that they have partnered with Healthline through their Breast Cancer App to bring new and educational information to the app.

Breast Cancer Healthline is a free app for people living with breast cancer that makes it easy to connect with other survivors. Every day, the app connects you with a new match from the BC Healthline community based on breast cancer stage, treatment and lifestyle interests. Members are also able to browse profiles and can request to match with any member from the community.

If you are more comfortable chatting through a group chat or need to crowdsource a question, there are groups dedicated to discussions on topics like treatment and side effects; cancer and career; and relationships. BC Healthline provides their members with lifestyle and news content directly through the app so you can stay up to date on reliable breast cancer news, research, and survivor stories.

By creating your own community, you’re connecting with someone who really gets it. Everyone wants to feel understood, especially when navigating the new challenges that a breast cancer diagnosis throws at you. Having a community of people just an app away can be comforting during what can be a lonely and confusing time.

For every FREE download of the Breast Cancer App, iGoPink/The Breast Cancer Charities of America will receive $3! So, download today and get connected while also supporting other breast cancer patients nationwide.

The Breast Cancer Charities of America is a nonprofit organization headquartered in The Woodlands, TX serving women across the country who are battling or have battled breast cancer while empowering youth to take control of their health from a preventative measure’s standpoint. BCCA is the leader in integrated cancer care, and focuses on education, financial & medical assistance, and making women feel more like themselves throughout a breast cancer diagnosis.