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Our home sweet home, Our beautiful city.

This past week our city, Houston and surrounding cities, came face to face with one of the most catastrophic floods Texas has seen in over a decade. While so many of us have been truly blessed to have minimal or no damage, my heart hurts for the thousands of people who have had everything taken from them in a matter of hours. As painful as it is to see the city, and state I love in such a traumatic state of emergency, I have an overwhelming sense of love and pride. The amount of men and women who have risked their lives day in and day out over the past several days is astounding. Aside from our amazing first responders, we have witnessed people with loving and kind hearts from all over the state and even surrounding states aid in any and every way they can. I have seen our state come together to offer shelter, food, clothing and any necessities that one can think of.

So, what can one do when you have this overwhelming need to help in any way you can? And you will, because this is Texas and Texans do what we can do help one another. If you can’t donate money, or items, donate your time! Time volunteering at shelters or time in the kitchen. For all of those displaced by hurricane Harvey, and for those who haven’t been home in 4-5 days due to nonstop working to rescue and help in anyway, a home cooked meal is something that is always needed. Easier ways to feed a larger group of people is to cook in bulk. which means casseroles are always your best friend. Whip up and pop 4-5 pans in the oven and you’ve got enough food to feed a village (or so it may feel) Check out some of my favorite and easy casserole recipes listed below!


Loaded potato and meatloaf casserole –


Cheesy Hamburger casserole –


Creamy Chicken Alfredo casserole –


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