Why You Should Get Your Flu Shot…

Winter means it’s finally acceptable for me to listen to my Christmas music and wear ugly sweaters without judgment… maybe! Unfortunately, winter is also the flu’s favorite season. As most of us know the flu is a cruel virus that makes you feel like a zombie from The Walking Dead. Fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache, chills, fatigue, all symptoms of influenza. All reasons you should get your flu shot!

For those of you who have not suffered the wrath of the flu, let me tell you it is NOT FUN! You are confined to bed taking all these medications to help but nothing does. And you just continue to feel miserable. The best-known prevention method for the flu is to get your flu shot every year. I know your 8-year-old self is saying NOOO to the idea of a shot, but the shot is your best attempt at keeping the flu away from you and your family!


In case my pleas were not heard, here are some other reasons you should get vaccinated this flu season:

The flu virus changes – Year to year the flu virus is never the same. We expect that if we got our flu shot last year we are set for this year. NOPE. Last years flu shot may not protect you from this year’s virus. Plus, your immune system’s defense against the virus declines throughout the year, meaning when the flu hits you, you won’t have anything to fight back.

Decreases your downtime – It is known that receiving a flu vaccine does not mean you will not contract it. However, it is known that if you do contract it and have received your vaccine your period of sickness is shorter than those who have not received the vaccine. Which means you can get back to normal faster!

Avoid a potentially serious diagnosis -The virus itself can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death. For those who have a weakened immune system, the chances are higher.

We all know the little things that can be done to prevent the flu. Hand washing, covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough, and keeping away from those who are sick. But the best way is to get vaccinated! Lock up your inner 8-year-old and go out and get your shot. You and your family need it!

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