Fitness During Cancer Treatment

We all know one of the most important things to do in order to take care of yourself is dun dun dun… EXERCISE! But why do we hate it so much (or at least myself for that matter)? Studies show that one of the best ways to take care of yourself is to stay physically active.

Obviously, some of this can be a challenge if you’re going through breast cancer treatment, as the treatments themselves often take a lot of energy out of you. But staying physically active doesn’t have to mean running a marathon or climbing Mount Everest. Even during treatment, you can add some form of exercise into your daily routine to really benefit your overall health!

Some of the easiest things to incorporate are moderate exercises such as riding a stationary bike at your own pace, or even going for a walk with a friend or loved one, and maybe even add in some light weight. Some simple things like this can actually benefit your health and you may not even think about it while doing it! I love to go for walks especially when the weather gets nice (which for Texas is not often), because it allows me to clear my head and just focus on my goals or myself for that short time, which can also be super beneficial for your mental health!

The sooner you start these moderate exercises, the better you feel! Exercise provides a multitude of health benefits, and it also produces endorphins, which can increase your overall mood. Who doesn’t want to always be happy?! But during your exercise, you want to always be careful with what you are doing, as you don’t want to over exhaust yourself.

It is important to talk with your doctor before doing any exercise to ensure that they are safe for you first and foremost! Remember to make it enjoyable, don’t make it hard on yourself, like I said before you aren’t training for a marathon! So, grab those headphones and crank up your favorite songs! Or you can even find our iGoPink playlist on Spotify

Whatever you chose to do to get yourself healthy, remember to take it easy, and that it is ok to take breaks! And most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

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