Falling Back in Love with Fitness

A few weeks ago, as many know, Hurricane Harvey hit us here in the Houston area. The torrential down pours, loss of power, and my husband and I relocated to his parents’ home had provided me with little time to worry about my fitness. For the past two weeks my focus, as many others, has been on fixing our home and trying to get back to a semi-normal life. It has not been on getting in my daily workout. The clouds and rain and wind have passed, the weather has been unusually beautiful, and we have done as much as we can to get back to normal. Just because I am no longer searching for that summer bod as we drift into fall does not give me the green light to continue to neglect my exercise routine. The least we can do for ourselves take care of our bodies. 8 of 10 breast cancer incidents can be prevented through healthy lifestyles, this includes exercise. Exercise isn’t only a cancer preventative, it lowers blood-pressure, reduces stress, and increases energy. Here are some tips to help you (and me) fall back in love with fitness.

The first day I decided to get back into my exercise routine I took off on my normal run. This was a huge mistake. When just starting out or getting back into an exercise routine, start small. Me I am used to running 2-4 miles almost everyday… I barely made it through that dreadful run and immediately was upset at myself, and for what!? That shorter run was the most physical activity I had done in 14 days, those are small wins. Create a focus on small attainable goals that lead to bigger attainable goals.

Also, when I started getting back into my exercise routine I could not for the life of me decide where to start. It was like I was scared to fail. I searched one of my favorite sites Pinterest to get my brain focused on exercise again. Consider trying an exercise challenge, something like a “couch to 5k” which gives you a training regimen.  On Pinterest I found a 30-day burpee challenge. This is an awesome way for me to keep up with a goal and keep me accountable within a reasonable time-line. Also these “challenges” are proven to increase stamina, strength, and physical activity level (hello endorphins and cancer fighters!)

My final tip for falling back in love with fitness is keep an exercise journal. I have blogged about exercise journaling before, I love it! Exercise journaling (like any journal) allows you to see how far you have come, how you have changed from week 1 to week 4. Keeping an exercise journal will help you plan workouts making sure you don’t have an excuse to flake out on a workout. It also gives you the opportunity to keep up with challenges that you have committed to while setting your goals.

I am so ready to fall back in love with fitness. Getting back on track can be hard and overwhelming, whether it is post treatment or any other life event you are facing, but we are in this together. Share your fitness tips and pictures on social media and be sure to #iGoPink.

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