Family Fun

Fall Family Fun

by Tristan Cablay


November is one of the best times of the year for family fun.  The weather is getting cooler and with the crisp air comes new opportunities to get outside and have some fun!   Summer may be the peak season for vacationing, and exploring new areas and destinations; but what about your area, home town or neighborhood?  Have you taken the time to look for and explore your very own backyard with your family? This past weekend my husband, daughter, son and I took a walk around our neighborhood to “explore”! The kids had a great time exploring their own home, and it was nice for us all to get some fresh air.

Hunt Pinecones

Visit the Zoo

Check out a farmers or flea market

Join a 5K as a family

Look for a new park to picnic at

Take a hike

Ride bikes in your neighborhood

Collect as many color leaves as you can find

Try a new restaurant

Be open to the adventure.  Fall brings a whole new set of opportunities to find and discover.  Making memories with your family are priceless!  So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and have some fun!  Fall is calling!


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