Exercise has so many amazing benefits, but did you know if plays a role in preventing breast cancer? Along with preventing breast cancer, exercise can lead to increased energy, better sleep (my favorite) and better mood just to name a few.  While it’s not guaranteed to prevent chronic illnesses exercise definitely can reduce and lower the risk for these diseases, including breast cancer. Exercise is actually an effective and easy thing to incorporate into your daily routine, especially knowing it can help in preventing breast cancer and other diseases.


According to the American Cancer Society, it is not fully known why exercise reduces your risk for breast cancer. But it is believed to be linked to hormones. Being physically active reduces levels of estrogen and insulin. Exercise also regulates weight (again hormone regulating benefits) and keeps the immune system healthier. Cancer.gov posted that including regular exercise can reduce your risk for breast cancer and/or recurrence of breast cancer by up to 12%.

Can you imagine how much your risk for breast cancer can be decreased if you paired that with other lifestyle factors?!


So it’s a fact that exercise is important in preventing breast cancer. But you may now be wondering, how much exercise? What’s the best type of exercise for me?

To answer the first question, four to five hours of moderate level physical activity. This amount of exercise improves your health and can help in preventing breast cancer. Some great types of moderate exercise include brisk walking, biking, and even dancing! You can also include vigorous level exercises (HIIT, running, etc.) throughout the week as well.



If you don’t know where to start when including some physical activity within your day, try taking 30 minutes during your lunch break to go for a brisk walk. Or factor in an additional 20 minutes in your morning for a quick at home workout (here’s a great one you can find on the iGoPink Life Blog). Or try the tips below to help you exercise more:

  • Make it Social: It’s easier to exercise when you have a partner, so grab a friend to join you
  • Switch Up Your Routine: Don’t get bored, do different activities to spice up your exercise routine
  • Make Exercise A Priority: Think of exercise as a necessary part of life, and incorporate it into your daily routine
  • Exercise Even If You Don’t Want Too: Fact! It’s easier said than done, but exercising even when you don’t feel like it helps build a better habit
  • Keep An Exercise Journal: Write down your goals and current stats to help keep you motivated
  • Reward Yourself: Set some goals and as you achieve them, reward yourself for all the hard work
  • Be Flexible: It’s ok to take a break every now and then, so don’t be hard on yourself for missing one workout