Enjoy National Waffle Day the Healthier Way

Happy National Waffle Day foodie friends! What a glorious day to celebrate one of the best breakfast foods there ever is. But if you’re like me the high sugar content that comes with a full waffle meal just is not in the nutritional budget. It’s ok though because there are ways to enjoy National Waffle day without all the sugary guilt that comes along with indulging.

Waffle batter is usually chocked full of empty calories, but there are so many options to avoid your generic box mix. If you are looking for something quick and easy try protein waffles. My husband and I swear by Kodiak Cakes. We use this mix for pancakes and waffles weekly, and no it’s not a cheat meal. The mix is packed with 8g of Protein and only 2 g of Sugar per serving (3-4 waffles).  

My favorite part about waffles is topping them like building an ice cream sundae. To keep your National Waffle day meal low in sugars skip the syrup and try topping with some of your favorite berries and fruit. Add additional protein by using walnuts, almonds, pecans or peanut butter. If you still feel like you need that gooey sticky syrup try replacing it with an all-natural honey or maple syrup. These all-natural alternatives come directly from the product source (bees & trees lol!) and tend to not be filled with additives.

My favorite waffle combo is a large Kodiak Cake topped with warmed blueberries (I just warm them in a non-stick pan really quick with a little water), pecans, a little bit of peanut butter and a tablespoon all-natural honey. Holy cow, my mouth is totally watering. Of course, I always pair my breakfast foods with a glass of fresh squeezed juice and my comfy pajama pants 😊

A huge part of breast cancer prevention is healthy eating and providing the body with the best nutrients to fight disease. For a full list on nutrient rich cancer-fighting foods make a print out of iGoPink’s Healthy Eating Grocery List. How are you celebrating National Waffle Day? Breakfast for dinner? Waffle bar party with your girlfriends? We would love to see how you are celebrating be sure to #nationalwaffleday and tag us! And I will be enjoying National Waffle Day the healthier way with all of ya’ll.

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