Eliminating Post-Workout Pains

No matter what level of fitness you are at, you are guaranteed to run into some post workout pains after your workout routine. While some may just be expected muscle soreness, some may be a little more intense than that. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely one of those people who embrace the soreness, but only a little bit of discomfort (like hey it’s really hard to get up and down out of this chair, but I can still walk so we’re good). There are some tried and true methods that I use after work-outs to eliminate the post-workout pains. Bonus: these are things that you can do for other body pains too, including those associated with breast cancer treatment.

Stretching is VERY important in reducing soreness from a workout. After you complete your fitness routine, make sure to include five to ten minutes of cool down and stretch time. By stretching while your muscles are warm, you can increase flexibility and reduce tension. Stretching is awesome for most muscle and body aches. If you are feeling tight or sore from maybe sleeping the wrong way or treatment, take some time to follow some simple stretches. Make sure you are doing the stretches where you hold for 10-30 seconds, rather than bouncing movements.

Another way I treat myself after a workout is with a cold pack. You often see athletes taking ice-baths after a workout, or people jumping on the cryotherapy train, yea not me. I cannot handle the cold at all. But I do love using my cold pack after I shower post-workout. When I work out my upper body, I lay it over my shoulder for a couple of minutes then switch it to the other side. Or drape it over my legs while I’m catching up on my favorite show. I love my MY Tagalongs hot/cold pack and is perfect for soothing my muscles.

When I know I’m going to be super sore post-workout (like after that dreaded spin class I was drug to) my go-to pain elimination method is infused water. I am pretty good at drinking water, but when you try something new, or workout super hard it’s important to increase the elasticity in your muscles and this can be done through water! I say infused water because for me personally, I get bored of water all day. I was starting to get back into sports drink like Gatorade, but with all the added sugar, I knew I needed something more beneficial for my body. Infused water tricks my body into drinking more water leaving my muscles hydrated and not as sore the next day.

Fitness is such an important part of my life, with all the health benefits including cancer prevention. It’s hard to enjoy when you know you might be uncomfortable from muscle soreness. But when you use these methods to eliminate post-workout pains, you’ll love working out!

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