Easy At-Home Full Body Workouts…

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, improve your mood, and lower your risk for breast cancer. But not all of us have the time, resources, or even an idea of where to start with an exercise routine. A quick, no-equipment workout that targets your full body is something everyone can incorporate into their every day to be their healthiest version of themselves.

If you need an idea of where to start to get your heart pumping, see my favorite full-body workout that anyone can do! It requires zero equipment, can be done at home and takes under 30 minutes! I’ve also given alternatives to modify each move to make it less or more challenging.


  • 30 Jumping Jacks
  • 30 High Knees
  • 30 Butt Kicks
  • 5 Inch Worms

Repeat x 2


Round 1

  • 20 Body Weight Squats
  • 20 Cross Body Jabs
  • 20 Bicycle Crunches

Round 2

  • 20 Alternating Lunges
  • 20 Push-ups
  • 20 Reverse Crunches

Round 3

  • 20 Bridges
  • 20 Plank Shoulder Taps
  • 20 Superman’s

Once you complete all the rounds repeat one or two more times


  • 30 second forward fold
  • 30 second tricep stretch on each arm
  • 30 second downward dog
  • 30 second forward fold

Each of these moves can be modified or changed to fit your fitness level. Instead of a regular squat up the challenge and make it a jump squat. Like me and can’t do a full push up? Use a modifier and do it on your knees! This is definitely a workout anyone can do and incorporate. Put on your tunes and knock it out! For more fitness tips and inspiration, visit the iGoPink Blog.