Dottie –

“Just opening the bag and seeing the words, “Hello Beautiful” really made me feel so much better.”


I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer in March of 2018. My first form of treatment was 3 months of Anastrozole to try and shrink my tumors. After which, I underwent a double mastectomy in July. Now I am currently undergoing 25 treatments of radiation therapy. 

It is very overwhelming when first being diagnosed becuase all of the testing and treatments are being done so quickly. It’s hard to remain strong and confident throughout the whole process. You can often feel as if you are in a whirlwind and have no control over anything happening to you, I still feel this way sometimes. But it’s important to ask everyone to slow down, so you can listen and ask questions.

On top of feeling out of control, feeling disfigured and bloated and just gross, it really takes a toll on your strength to fight. But I recieved my Feeling Beautiful Again bag at the right moment. Just opening the bag and seeing the words, “Hello Beautiful” really made me feel so much better.

It’s easy to get frustrated and discouraged as I often did with my support team, but I took a step back and remembered how wonderful they had been to me throughout this whole process. It’s important to just take one day at a time and lean on your support team and organizations like iGoPink! I’m so thankful to have recieved such a meaningful gift!


You could provide a beauty bag to a woman who deserves to feel beautiful every day. Help emotionally support thousands of woman battling breast cancer all across the nation.