Do’s + Don’ts for Natural Brows…

While natural and full brows have been a beauty trend over the past few years, those who have undergone breast cancer treatment have unfortunately been unable to jump on board, as most women lose their eyebrows, eyelashes and hair while undergoing treatment.

But most of the time hair loss is only temporary and as soon as they complete treatment their hair begins to grow back. Whether it’s your head, lashes, or brows it important to give them the attention they deserve all while keeping them looking natural!


  1. DO comb your brows – like any other area of hair, it’s important to tame them by combing them into place. Often time when growing back your eyebrows, the hair can grow back in all kinds of directions. So, it’s important to comb them and create a more natural look with your brows. Plus, this gives you the best guideline to know where you need to do a little filling.
  2. DO use brow gel – like I mentioned before, when your eyebrow hair might be growing back, they can sometimes grow back and have a mind of their own, so brow gel helps keep them in place throughout the day. Also, be sure to use an all-natural gel to be gentle on the hair you do have!
  3. DO fill them in – whether you use a pencil or powder, filling in your brows can help your brows look much more natural and softer than harsh gels. Don’t be afraid to fill them in in sparse areas! One of our favorite pencils, from Thrive Causemetics, is the Infinity Waterproof Eyebrow Liner. This pencil is vegan and cruelty free so it’s the perfect pencil for sensitive skin and growing brows! You can also find these pencils in our Feeling Beautiful Again bags!
  4. DON’T try to change the shape or color – when messing with your natural shape or color starts happening, it can make your brows appear ‘drawn on’. So, find a filler that is as close to your natural color as possible and shape them according to your natural brow shape for the most natural looking brow!
  5. DON’T pluck more than one at a time – when you finally start getting full brows it’s important to not pluck than more hair at one time. Often women get overzealous and pluck multiple hairs leaving them to an odd shape or thinner brows than what they wanted! So, if you must pluck, do so cautiously! Love your brows for the shape and fullness they are!