Delicious + Nutrient Packed Breakfast Ideas…

Rise and shine…who here loves breakfast?  If you’re saying, NOT ME—keep reading (I may just change your mind) and if you’re saying, YES ME—keep reading too (as I’m sharing some of my favorite healthy ways to start your day!) 

But let’s rewind here…I used to despise breakfast…I was the person of:

  • “I’m not awake enough to eat”
  • “I’ve not done enough yet to burn off eating morning calories”
  • “I don’t have time”
  • “I don’t like breakfast” (and I laugh at this one cause I’ve ALWAYS loved having ‘breakfast for dinner’…so it was definitely an ‘excuse’)

Do one of the reasons above sound like you by chance?  So how did I change my mind and make breakfast one of my favorite meals of the day? I learned how jump starting your day with the RIGHT foods not only helps you burn more calories throughout the day, but that fueling your body in the AM will help reduce those 3pm tired slumps…and guess what, those stats are true! 

Keeping your body properly fueled throughout the day is SO important.  If you’re running on empty and choose not to eat until lunchtime, how is your body working—it’s running off of nothing; just like a car, when it’s running on empty, you putt along.  Our bodies need to be kept with a full tank of healthy choices all day—from morning until nighttime. 


  • Smoothies: And I’m not talking about just some milk & left-over fruit. I’m talking REALLY GOOD smoothies (that don’t cost a lot and you can make at home). And common, who doesn’t like a’s basically a healthy milkshake!  One of my favorites is what I call the Crazy Monkey (I call it that because my daughter loves it and if I make up fun names, she’ll at least try it…mom hack!)  What’s in it:
    • 8oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk
    • 1 Tbsp of chunky organic PB (I’ve used almond butter too and just as good)
    • 1 scoop protein powder of your choice (I like vanilla whey…but if you use chocolate whey, it makes this taste like a chocolate covered banana—aka. I’ve done this for a mid-day snack or lunch before too!)
    • 1 Tbsp of chia seeds (you don’t taste them when blended)
    • 1/3 c. frozen chopped spinach
  • Blend and voila!It’s SO GOOD…super easy, takes seconds to make and you and drink on the go!  Not super heavy feeling either on your stomach if you’re worried about a lighter breakfast.
  • Eggs: two ways here I like to do eggs. 
    • Hard boiled—easy, I take the shells off the night before, throw a little sea salt and pepper on them and put them in a container to eat on the road. Typically have a organic string cheese stick with it too and some sort of fresh fruit.  Easy, on the go!
    • Quick cook at home—again, prep the night before: I chop up a container of veggies: onions, peppers, asparagus, mushrooms spinach and sometimes add in some lean turkey bacon or ham into the pre-chopped mix. Then in the AM, I throw that all together on the skillet for 2 minutes to sauté a bit while I’m getting my daughter dressed, throw in two organic (I’m big on the organic eggs over generic store—tons of extra nutrients in them) eggs…use one with and one without yoke…cook another few minutes and add a sprinkle of cheese (feta or Colby jack are by favs) then you’re good to go. If I’m really hungry or know I’m going to have a busy day/not sure if I’ll get to lunch at a normal time, I’ll throw the eggs into a whole wheat tortilla to add a little extra to the meal.
  • Avocado Toast: If you’ve read any of my prior blog posts on food, you know I LOVE avocados!  Jammed packed full of good things for you.  But super easy—piece of toast, half an avocado sliced up on top, sea salt, chia seeds and some pepper.  And you’re done.  I like to add an over easy egg to mine and some hot sauce too.  But avocado toast is super-fast and delish.

These three are definitely my ‘go-to’ each morning.  I also like to throw in some overnight oats every now and then or a fruit/Greek yogurt parfait, but those aren’t on my daily list like these three.  So next time you’re contemplating or giving yourself excuses for breakfast, try one of these.  Challenge yourself to be a breakfast eater for 2 weeks and I think you’d be amazed how your energy level stays up all day, you feel more alert and fueling your body with the right nutrients will make a world of a difference! Bon appetite!