Delicious Healthy Summer Eats

Summer is almost here! The heat levels are rising, the sun is making last minute adjustments as to where it will sit in the sky all summer long and blaze down on us, giving us a crisp tan and a reason to drive around the parking lot looking for a shaded area to park so the inside of our car doesn’t catch on fire.

It’s time to bring out the tank tops and shorts, sundresses and any loose, light fitting clothing because again, heat in the south is NO JOKE. Then comes the “summer body” did you all prepare for summer? Let be real honest… I did not. I was on twitter and Instagram cracking up at all the summer body memes I relate all too well to. Now that I don’t have to wear 3 scarves and a parka anymore (LOL just kidding my area of Texas doesn’t get below maybe 40 degrees) Man, I’m cracking jokes today! ok, ok, let’s get to the real topic of today’s blog.


Its summer, I’m trying to avoid the bloated belly look. Which means avoiding heavy Mexican burritos and that delicious creamy pasta along with all the best food in the world that unfortunately doesn’t help us maintain our figure. Why? WHY I ask?! I just want to eat pizza, pasta, and tacos and never have to bat an eye over my figure. *sigh* only in a perfect fairy tale world.

I know diet food can get pretty boring. It feels like you meal prep and eat the same thing over and over. Are you like me? standing in the fresh produce aisle, looking and that weird looking vegetable that your parents never made you eat, thinking “what if its gross? Maybe I’ll just stick to regular carrots and broccoli”. I took to Pinterest to find new recipes that were outside of my comfort zone or just something I’ve never tried before. Check them out!

This one I’m excited to try because, look how pretty and delicious these popsicles look!  If you’ve got an empty summer day then head to the store or your local farmers market and pick up the ingredients to make these mouthwatering treats! P.S if you do take a shot at making these, send pictures! We can compare because if I’m being honest, mine most likely won’t come out that nice looking Haha!

*insert drool face emoji* If this doesn’t make you instantly hungry then something is wrong. I already have the ingredients for this recipe on my shopping list for next week and can’t wait to try it out! I feel like all I need is to be on a sandy beach, with a cool breeze and one of those cute margaritas they put inside coconuts and I’d be all set!

This recipe had me at avocado. If you know me, you know I’ll put down a whole avocado like it’s a bag of chips! If you’re looking for something light and quick to cook then here you go! Pair it with a balsamic or Greek dressing, throw a little feta cheese and I could probably eat this every day of the week and not get tired of it.

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