Clean House, Clean Mind…

In the life of a new mom with a full-time job it seems that my to-do list is extensive, and my hours of sleep are sparse. I mean how do these Insta-moms actually manage the chaos that is new working motherhood? Answer, they aren’t as put together as your feed may have you to believe. We are all busy women with important priorities in our days that can have us running around a million miles and hour, but there are things we can do and implement to keep our minds at ease and make the chaos seem a little less chaotic.

For me personally, the biggest thing that holds me together in my busy life is having a clean house.  I take little steps every day to ensure that how my home looks and feels doesn’t add to the chaos. Think about coming home from a long day at work to a clean home, with everything in its place. Think about getting the kids ready for school in the morning and not having to scramble to find shoes or a binder. Think about starting a new week in fresh sheets on Sunday night. When your home is put together it seems that everything else falls into line as well.

I definitely do not have time to do a deep clean of my home every day (or even every week) but I have some for sure chores that we share as a family to make sure our home doesn’t spiral into a huge wreck.

  • Keep Sink Free of Dishes Daily: Basically, wash as you use them
  • Make The Bed Every Morning: Yes you’re just going to un-do it each evening, but a made bed makes a space look 100 times cleaner
  • Wipe Surfaces Every Couple of Days: Kitchen counters, your dining table, coffee table, dresser. This takes maybe 10 minutes a day and it’s actually something kid’s love to call their own chore
  • Sweep and/or Vacuum Regularly: Again, not every day but just enough here and there to keep the crummies off the floor. I personally sweep 3 times a week and vacuum once.
  • Fresh Sheet Sundays: There’s no better way to start your week than getting a good night’s sleep in some fresh clean sheets!
  • Everything Has a Home: Everything has a place whether it’s a basket, or a closet, or a cabinet or a bin. Make sure everything gets put back to avoid clutter.

I honestly cannot stress the last point enough. When our daughter was first born we constantly had her bottles drying on the counter, it was cluttered. Once we simply took the extra couple of minutes to get them in the cabinet it completely changed the vibe of our space.

Having a clean space can provide more freedom in your day and your life. You don’t have to worry about trying to locate your keys or get in a flurry trying to get your space ready for visitors. A clean space eases the mind and allows you the opportunity to focus on other priorities in your life!