11 09, 2018

Susana’s Story

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I was diagnosed at age 35 on May 24, 2017. I have currently stopped by prophylactic chemo due to bad side effects but am due to have my reconstruction surgery this November 2018. I am currently in remission and waiting to have my Left side mastectomy and reconstruction of both breasts this November 4th, 2018. [...]

30 08, 2018

Kimberly’s Story

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I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer on September 17, 2016. And today I am currently being treated for bone metastasis with chemotherapy, and other forms of treatment. The hardest thing for me was knowing that the likelihood of not being there for my children's milestone It absolutely crushed me emotionally. But I think [...]

2 08, 2018

Olivia’s Story

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I first heard about The Breast Cancer Charities and the Feeling Beautiful Again program one day through just a general internet search, and I am so glad I did! After seeing what this program does and gives to women, I knew I needed to request bags for my patients to lift their spirits. I requested [...]

12 07, 2018

Cora’s Story

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My name is Cora, I am 50 years old and live in Seal Cove, Maine. I was first diagnosed with IDC breast cancer in April of 2015. After 2 lumpectomies, 4 rounds of chemo, and a bilateral mastectomy with implants reconstruction. I am now 3 years out from the initial diagnosis. As my cancer was ER/PR+her2-, [...]

28 06, 2018

Adriana’s Story

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When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer it felt as if someone had stolen our sense of security and comfort. At first, all we expected was for my mother to have the mass removed from her breast. But further testing had revealed the horrible news; she had to go through chemotherapy and radiation to [...]

5 06, 2018

Marilyn’s Story

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My name is Marilyn. I was first diagnosed in July 2005 which is when I had my lumpectomy. Unfortunately, I had a reoccurrence in 2010, where a double mastectomy coincidentally on Mother’s Day. When I was finally approved for reconstructive surgery in 2015, it was discovered at my pre-op appointment that I had a second [...]

29 05, 2018

Wanda’s Story

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My name is Wanda. I was diagnosed on December 29, 2017. I am currently in chemotherapy. I was 48 when I was diagnosed, after having all of my yearly mammograms. When I got the call I was caught completely by surprise, as no one in my immediate family has ever been diagnosed with any form of [...]

22 05, 2018

Damara’s Story

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My name is Damara. In Mid-January 2018, I was diagnosed with Metaplastic Breast Cancer and have been on treatment since at the Firelands Cancer Center in Ohio. The most effective lifestyle changes that have helped me stay physically and mentally strong are laughter, music, and positive energy! My friends and family have been my biggest [...]

15 05, 2018

Elizabeth’s Story

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My name is Elizabeth. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 3, 2017. I had my first mammogram a week before that. I  decided to have a mastectomy with nipple sparing on only the side with cancer. My last surgery is coming up next week. I have really tried to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I [...]